Cougar Dating Helper - Tips To Date A Cougar

Dating advice for how to date a cougar

There are number of reason a cougar can appeal to you but appealing is something different and cougar dating is something different.

Mostly cougars are those women who did not satisfied by their husbands or single in society. When the sex stamina of men goes down with every passing day at the same time women reaches at peak in this regard. That's why mostly cougars want relationship with younger men. It is also fact that whiles a young guy in 20 thinking about sex and women of 35 to 45 reaches on peak invites cougar relationship date a cougar

Sex is also one reason that young guys attracting towards cougars. Here are some reliable tips which would help you to make your cougar dating more successful.

Treat her like queen

It is fact that every woman want somebody praise here time to time. When you treating cougar like queen or appreciate her time to time. This is not possible this woman ever think to leave you. She want appreciation and you are the only person who praising her at that time. Complements, open doors for her and flattering are the techniques which can easily help you to make your cougar relationship or cougar dating successful.

Don't ever tell her she is cougar

When old man goes toward young girl for dating society does not felt that but older women case is totally different. Women are so conscious about her age. Remember that in cougar relationship make it sure never tell her she is cougar infect you should treat her like a young teen age girl. Give her new experiences

Mostly it is seemed that women like to do things they never did when they were young. Coming with interesting ideas or giving them new experience is also good for your cougar dating. Like swimming, shooting etc. It is seemed that women likes swimming but just they felt fear from water did experience swimming ever in their lives. So when you give her new experience it will definitely make her feeling special.

Let her rule the bed room

No doubt about that cougars are much experienced in this department. Just give them do what they want to do or like to do. I think this is also great way for making your cougar dating or relationship more successful.

Let her free in life

Mostly cougar's women are well established and independent in their lives. You just need to understand this fact and make it sure you should interfere too much in their lives. Just free them to do everything. Forget to rule or control their lives. This can also make your relationship more reliable and successful.

Never asked them about their X

I think this most important tip. You should remember ever in your life when you are going to date with cougar. You should not ask about her past life. Whatever she did in past? You have no concern with that if you want to make successful your cougar dating.

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